Belgian and European patent renewal fees in 2022

European patent renewal fees monitoring and payments

Renewal fees, also known as annuities or annuity fees, are payable every year in Europe. In Europe, renewal fees are payable both before grant of a patent and after grant. This is different from many other countries in the world.

If payment of a renewal fee is late, the patent or patent application is lost. Usually is is possibe to recover the patent or patent application. However, recovery is only possible for a limited time period.

National or European patent renewal fees?

For national patents or patent applications in the Europe, renewal fees are payable to the national patent offices.

Renewal fees for a European patent application are payable to the EPO. After grant and validation of a European patent, renewal fees are payable to the national patent offices. This is the same as for national patents.

At Patenthuis, we can monitor and take care of the payment of renewal fees for your patents in order to keep them alive.

Patent annuities in Belgium

Patent renewal fees in Belgium are due every yearin advance starting from the third patent year. Therefore, the first payment is towards the end of the second patent year. The deadline is the last day of the month of the anniversary of the month of filing.

Official renewal fees in Belgium range from 40€ for the third year to 600€ for the 20th year.

Late payment is possible for a period of 6 month. In that case, an official extra fee of 85€ (years 3-10) or 230€ (years 11-20) is applied.

Our standard attorney fee for taking care of payments of Belgian renewal fees is 99€. This includes sending reminders to you and reporting completed renewal.

Depending on the case, we can offer discounts.

Patent renewal fees in France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and other countries.

We can also take care of patent renewal fees in other countries in Europe. For some countries we can do this ourselves. We use a trusted network of agents for other countries.

For many countries we can offer the same attorney fee as for Belgium, so 99€. This is the case for France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Finland.

Of course we can also take care of your EPO renewal fees.

We can offer a discount in case of payment for multiple countries at the same time.

For other countries: Please contact us.

Urgent payments of renewal fees

We are happy to offer, depending on the case, urgent payments of patent renewal fees close to the deadline.  This is possible at EPO, in Belgium, and in some other countries. Please contact us for details.

Depending on the urgency we will apply an urgency surcharge.