A European Patent Attorney from Patenthuis

Inventions deserve the best protection

A European patent attorney from Patenthuis is your best choice for protecting your inventions in Europe.

Protecting inventions in Europe is more than filing European patent applications within certain deadlines and hoping for the best.

It’s about preparing for emerging markets and changes to your industry. It is about knowing how competitors might affect your IP rights now and later. It’s about having a trusted advisor looking out for your IP investment for the long term. From looking at a patent’s validity, to drafting a claim, to legal advice to avoid future infringement.

Belgian and European Patent Attorney services

Invention in head of European Patent attorneyPatenthuis represents clients at the Belgian Patent Office and European Patent Office for the following services.

When do you need a European or Belgian patent attorney?

In some cases you are obliged by law to use a patent attorney. This is the case if you live or have your business outside Europe and you want a patent application filed at the European Patent office. Also, if you don’t live or have your business in the EU, you need a Belgian patent attorney for filing a patent application in Belgium.

European patent agent or patent attorney?

The common word in Europe for a patent professional is a European or national patent attorney. In most countries in Europe there is only one type of patent attorney or patent agent. This is also the case at the EPO. However, in countries outside Europe the word European patent agent is sometimes used.

Drafting a patent application

As first step in getting protection for an invention we draft a professional European or Belgian patent application. This needs to have claims that define the scope of protection that you request, because poorly drafted claims put the patent at risk or reduce the value.

At Patenthuis, a Belgian and European patent attorney drafts all patent applications. A Belgian and European patent attorney has completed specialised training and passed the required exams. Patenthuis can also take care of any drawings that may be needed. We can make these from scratch or they can for instance be based on your own drawings. We usually draft a European patent application in English.

Fees for drafting Belgian or European patent applications are typically 3500 to 5500 €. This depends on the complexity of the patent application and the urgency.

Belgian Patent Law and the European Patent Convention do not have provisional applications.

Filing a patent application in Europe

The filing date is important. This determines when the invention may be made public without risk to your prospects of a grant. Until that date, any publication made by the inventor or applicant is counted as prior art. These may severely damage the chances of a grant of your patent application.

European patent application

A European patent application is usually filed at EPO – the European Patent Office.

When filing a European patent application, we must request an official novelty search. The EPO performs this novelty search.

Patenthuis’ fees for filing a European patent application are 2195€. This price includes the official fees for filing and for the novelty search.

Results of the novelty searchEarly invention of a plane

We usually receive the results of the novelty search from the EPO within 6 to 11 months. As quickly as possible, we report these results to you along with a brief analysis. You may then ask for further study of the novelty search for an extra fee. This includes an analysis of the search report and advice regarding the chances of a grant of your European patent application.

European patent applications – Prosecution

Patenthuis handles the entire grant procedure for you. We keep you informed of any progress and will always consult you when you need to take a decision. The substantive part of the procedure normally involves one to three replies to remarks from the examiner. Usually this takes between one and three years. Of course we monitor the other procedural aspects closely as well. This concerns deadlines, renewal fees, etc.

Our services include:

  • We keep you informed throughout the entire patent procedure
  • Replying to objections from the examiner (this often takes place over the course of several years)
  • We ensure payment of fees and keep an eye on meeting all deadlines

EPO will only grant a European patent if the examiner agrees that all legal conditions for grant are met. This includes the novelty of the claims and the presence of an inventive step.

The course of the procedure differs between patent applications, as do the total costs. Normally the procedure after the novelty search takes 18 to 60 months and costs 8000 to 12000€.

Priority year

A critical date is one year after the first filing. This is the priority year, set up in international law since the 19th century.

If you wish to get a patent in other countries than the country of first filing, you need to file patent applications in these other countries within this year.

Patenthuis will be happy to file a European patent application or a Belgian patent application for you. This can be based on a first filing from another country.